December 26-7, 1753

Haas - Publicover

This is a listing of those present for the muster into potential militia Divisions. These Divisions corresponded to their Town Lot Division drawn earlier.

This Table is in four sections as follows:

  • Standardized FAMILY NAME spelling that is used elsewhere in this web site and my best guess. Where I am uncertain, I've added a ? mark. In some cases, the name is new to me and is marked with a *.
  • FULL NAME (and other information) as found on the documents consulted.
  • ALTERNATE spelling. Some names appeared more than once and with different spellings. Such names have been consolidated into one entry here.
  • DIVISION NAME (one of six)

    All this data was kindly transcribed by Lorrie YOUNG of Lower Sackville, NS from lists compiled by Dr Winthrop Bell and held at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia in Halifax.

    Names A-G | H-P | R-Z

    HAAS 19 John Haas . Zouberbuhler Div
    HAAS Andreas Haas . Strassburger Div
    HAAS Johan Haas . Steinfort Div
    HAAS Simon Haas . Zouberbuhler Div
    HAHN? Adam Hoen . Creighton Div
    HALT Anna Halt . Strassburger Div
    HALTER 38 Anton Halter . Zouberbuhler Div
    HAMM 59 George Hamm . Zouberbuhler Div
    HAMM Joseph Hamm . Steinfort Div
    HAPPOLD Gottfried Hapold Gottlieb Steinfort Div
    HARNISH Christopher Harnish . Moreau Div
    HARTLING Wilpheim Hartling . Strassburger Div
    HASS Margaretta Hass . Zouberbuhler Div
    HATT Conrad Hatt . Strassburger Div
    HATT Jacob Hatt . Creighton Div
    HAUN 59 Hans George Haun . Zouberbuhler Div
    HAUPTMAN Michael Haupman . Strassburger Div
    HECHT? Frederick Hegght Ann 1750 . Rudolf Div
    HECKMAN Casper Hickman . Creighton Div
    HEFT Pieter Heft . Creighton Div
    HEINER Heiner Pearl 1752 . Rudolf Div
    HEINER Urban Heiner . Rudolf Div
    HEISLER Phillip Heisel HESSEL Rudolf Div
    HEISON Frederick Heison HYSON Strassburger Div
    HEIT Jacob Heil Gale 1751 HEYD Rudolf Div
    HERMAN Bernard Herman . Creighton Div
    HERMAN Phillip Herman . Strassburger Div
    HERMAN Phillip Herman . Moreau Div
    HERMSTAT George Hermstat . Strassburger Div
    HERMSTAT Gottfried Hermstat Speedwell 1752 . Strassburger Div
    HEYBURGER Jacob Heyburger . Moreau Div
    HILCHIE Jacob Ulshe ULCHEY Rudolf Div
    HILTZ 4 Daniel Heil . Zouberbuhler Div
    HILTZ Daniel Hilt . Moreau Div
    HILTZ Henry Hilt . Moreau Div
    HILTZ Henry Hulse . Rudolf
    HILTZ Jacob George Hiltz . Rudolf Div
    HILTZ Micnael Hulse . Rudolf
    HIMMELMAN 24 George Himmelman HEILMAN Zouberbuhler Div
    HIMMELMAN George Himmelman . Strassburger Div
    HIMMELMAN Johan Phiiiip Himmeiman . Strassburger Div
    HIRCAINY* Ulrick Hircainy . Creighton Div
    HIRLFING* Leonard Hirlfing . Rudolf Div
    HIRSCHMAN George Hirchman . Moreau Div
    HIRSCHMAN Ludwig Hurshman . Creighton Div
    HIRTLE Martin Hirtle . Zouberbuhler Div
    HIRTLE Michael Hirtling Pearl 1751 . Rudolf Div
    HIRTLING Jacob Hertling Pearl 1751 . Rudolf Div
    HOFFLER? Eberhard Hewler . Steinfort Div
    HOFFMAN 56 Casper Hoffman . Zouberbuhler Div
    HOFFMAN Capt. William Hoffman . Rudolf Div
    HOFFMAN George Hoffman . Moreau Div
    HOFFMAN George Hoffman Pearl 1752 (Deserter) . Strassburger Div
    HOHL George Hohll . Steinfort Div
    HOLDRY lgnatius Holdrig . Steinfort Div
    HOREIGN Heinrick Horgetn . Steinfort Div
    HOUFEMAN Michael Houpman . Strassburger Div
    HOVY* 43 William Hovy . Zouberbuhler Div
    HUBLEY Ulrick Hubly . Creighton Div
    HUHN Johann Adam Huhn . Rudolf Div
    HUY 43 William Huy . Zouberbuhler Div
    IRDMAN Peter lrdman . Moreau Div
    ISENBERGER* Johan Isenberger . Strassburger Div
    ISLER Jacob lssler ISLER Moreau Div
    ISLER Martin lsler . Creighton Div
    JACOB Jonas Jacob . Moreau Div
    JAMMER Heinrick Jammer Sally 1752 . Rudolf Div
    JEANPERIN Urban Jean Parrin . Steinfort Div
    JEANPERIN Urkin Jeanparrein . Steinfort Div
    JEAUDRIE Jacque Jeandrie . Zouberbuhler Div
    JEAUDRIE Jean Christopher Jeandrie Speedwell 1752 . Rudolf Div
    JESSEN 35 Deuthof Christopher Jessen (Officer) . Zouberbuhler Div
    JOLLIMORE Pierre Jollimare . Steinfort Div
    JOST George Jost . Zouberbuhler Div
    JUELLIETTE Andreas Joulitte . Creighton Div
    KAISER 2 Samuel Keyzer . Zouberbuhler Div
    KAISER George Keyzer . Creighton Div
    KAISER Michael Keyzer . Creighton Div
    KAISER Peter Keyzer . Creighton Div
    KAULBACK Martin Kaulback . Creighton Div
    KAUTZ Joham Kautz . Rudolf
    KELLER Birch Keller . Creighton Div
    KELLER Martin Keller . Steinfort Div
    KELLER William Keller . Steinfort Div
    KELTZER Ulbrick Jcob Kelzer . Moreau Div
    KERSHAW* George Hershaw . Strassburger Div
    KIRN 13 John Kern . Zouberbuhler Div
    KLETT Ulrick Klett . Moreau Div
    KLETT Ulrick Klett Ann 1751 (Officer) . Rudolf Div
    KNAUT Conrad Knaut . Strassburger Div
    KNAUT John George Knaut . Zouberbuhler Div
    KNAUT Philip Knaut KNOUT Rudolf Div
    KNICKLE Conrad Knickle . Strassburger Div
    KOCHLEY Peter Kockley . Moreau Div
    KOEHLER 3 Heinrick Kolor . Zouberbuhler Div
    KOEHLER 44 Gottlieb Kohler . Zouberbuhler Div
    KOEHLER 44 John Godrich Kohler . Zouberbuhler Div
    KOHL Adam Kohl Gale 1752 . Rudolf Div
    KOHL Lorentz Kohl . Creighton Div
    KOUTZ* Johann Koutz Murdock 1751 . Rudolf Div
    KRAUL* John George Kraul . Zouberbuhler Div
    KREBS? Henry Kripps . Creighton Div
    KUHN 62 Rudolflph Kuhn . Zouberbuhler Div
    KUHN Christopher Kuhn . Creighton Div
    KUHN George Jabob Kuhn (Soldier) . Zouberbuhler Div
    KUHN Jacob Kuhn . Zouberbuhler Div
    KUHN Jacob Kuhn . Steinfort Div
    KUHN Johannes Kuhn . Zouberbuhler Div
    KURTZ John Kurtz (Soldier) . Zouberbuhler Div
    LACHMUND Everhard Lachman . Creighton Div
    LAGARCE Jean La Grace . Creighton Div
    LAGARCE Nickolaus La Grace . Creighton Div
    LANGILLE David Langille . Strassburger Div
    LANGILLE Leopold Langille . Strassburger Div
    LANGILLE Matthew Langille . Steinfort Div
    LANKERT? Ulrich Laucher (Soldier) . Zouberbuhler Div
    LANTZ Heinrich Lantz . Strassburger Div
    LASSERT Matthias Losert LESSARD Zouberbuhler Div
    LAUNER Peter Lawner . Zouberbuhler Div
    LAURENT Jacque Laurent . Moreau Div
    LAURENT? Jean Lorentz . Moreau Div
    LAY 31 Joseph Lay . Zouberbuhler Div
    LAY Michael Lay . Steinfort Div
    LEAU George Leau . Steinfort Div
    LEAU Jean George Leau . Strassburger Div
    LEAU Jean Leau . Moreau Div
    LEISER Albright Leiser . Creighton Div
    LEONARD Adam Leinard LEEHARD Zouberbuhler Div
    LIEBESTEIN Felix Liebestein . Zouberbuhler Div
    LINCK Johan Link . Moreau Div
    LIPPERT Melchoir Lippart . Zouberbuhler Div
    LOCKMAN Leonard Lockman . Rudolf Div
    LOFFLER Joahan Loeffler . Strassburger Div
    LOFFLER Marcus Loffler . Zouberbuhler Div
    LOHNES Johan Lohnes LONIS Moreau Div
    LOHNES lssac Lohnas . Strassburger Div
    LOHNES Pieter Lohnes . Zouberbuhler Div
    LOHNES? Frederick Lohn . Creighton Div
    LOTT? issac Loft . Strassburger Div
    LYNCH* Adam Lynch . Rudolf
    MADER Leonard Meeder . Strassburger Div
    MADER Ulrick Meider . Creighton Div
    MAILLIARD Christopher Malliard . Moreau Div
    MAILLIARD Frederick Malyard . Steinfort Div
    MALMAHU Jacque Malmauet MALMONET Moreau Div
    MANGE Jean Mange (Officer) . Moreau Div
    MARAUETTE* Edward Marauette . Moreau Div
    MARRIETTE Ettienne Marriette Pearl 1752 . Rudolf Div
    MASON 18 Fred Mason . Zouberbuhler Div
    MATTHEW Jermeny Matthen MATTSHEN Steinfort Div
    MAUSER 41 Albrech Mauser . Zouberbuhler Div
    MEGRAU Pierre Margrah . Moreau Div
    MEHLMAN Carl Meilman Gale 1752 MEHLAND Rudolf Div
    MEISNER 52 Casper Meisner . Zouberbuhler Div
    MEISNER Christain Maes . Creighton Div
    MEISNER Peter Meisner ( Deserter) . Moreau Div
    MEIXNER Henry Mexler Sally 1751 . Rudolf Div
    MEIXNER? Henry Metzler . Rudolf Div
    MERCY* Andreas Mercy MERSY Zouberbuhler Div
    MERKEL Michael Merckell . Creighton Div
    MERTZ Johan Henry Mertz . Strassburger Div
    METTATAL 1 Nickolaus Mattadell ( Officer ) . Zouberbuhler Div
    METTATAL George Mattadell . Moreau Div
    METTATAL Jacque Christopher Mattadell . Moreau Div
    METTATAL John Nickolaus Mattadel . Zouberbuhler Div
    METTIN Nickolaus Mitten . Rudolf Div
    METZLER 61 Christain Metlzer . Zouberbuhler Div
    METZLER Alexsander Metlzer . Moreau Div
    METZLER Christopher Metzler . Zouberbuhler Div
    METZLER Johanne Metzler . Moreau Div
    METZLER John Peter Metzler . Zouberbuhler Div
    METZLER Ulrick Metlzer Speedwell 1751 METZIER Rudolf Div
    MEYER Christain Meyer . Steinfort Div
    MEYER Conrad Meyer . Steinfort Div
    MEYER George Meyer . Strassburger Div
    MEYER Jacob Meyer Gale 1752 . Rudolf Div
    MICHEAU Jean Jacque Micheau . Moreau Div
    MICHEAU Louis Misheau . Creighton Div
    MICHEL Pieter Mitchel . Strassburger Div
    MILCH 40 Gottlieb Milch . Zouberbuhler Div
    MILCH? Gottfieb Melch Gale 1751 . Rudolf Div
    MILLER Daniel Miller Sally 1752 . Rudolf Div
    MILLER John Miller (Officer) . Creighton Div
    MILLER John Paul Miller . Creighton Div
    MILLER Wilpheim Miller Gale 1751 . Rudolf Div
    MORASH Daniel Morasch . Rudolf Div
    MORASH Johan Morash . Creighton Div
    MORASH Michael Morasch . Steinfort Div
    MOREAU Johan Robert Moreau . Moreau Div
    MORLEAU Johnan Peter Moleau . Rudolf
    MOSER Jacob Moezar . Steinfort Div
    MOSER Jacob Mosher . Rudolf
    MOTZ? Hans George Metz . Moreau Div
    MOYER* Jacob Moyer . Moreau Div
    MUHLIG 40 Mullig . Zouberbuhler Div
    MULLER Abraham Muller . Strassburger Div
    MULLER Heinrich Muller Sr. . Creighton Div
    MULLER Heinrick Muller Jr. . Creighton Div
    MULLER Johan William Muller . Rudolf Div
    MUSLER? Valentyn Moesler . Steinfort Div
    NAAS Christopher Naas . Creighton Div
    NAAS Conrad Naas . Strassburger Div
    NAAS/NAU? lssa Naas . Strassburger Div
    NAU lssac Knaw . Strassburger Div
    NEFF* Ralf Neff . Moreau Div
    NEIFORT Leonard Niefort Gale 1752 . Rudolf Div
    NICOLAI Christain Nicolai . Strassburger Div
    NICOLAI Johan Nickolai NICOIDI Strassburger Div
    OCHS Johann Ochs . Strassburger Div
    ORTH Valentine Orth . Rudolf
    OSENBENTZ Jacob Oerzenpens OXENPENCE Zouberbuhler Div
    OSTERTAG Anton Osterday OOSTERDAY Steinfort Div
    OXNER 22 Hans Oxner . Zouberbuhler Div
    OXNER 22 Harnish Oxner . Zouberbuhler Div
    OXNER Johan Oxner . Strassburger Div
    PASSA* Mario Passa PASSHA Zouberbuhler Div
    PAYSANT Louis Paisant . Moreau Div
    PELETERRACI* Louis Peleterraci . Rudolf
    PENTZ Rudolflph Pentz . Steinfort Div
    PENTZ Rudolflph Pentz DENT Zouberbuhler Div
    PERRENEAU* Pierre Perreneau . Strassburger Div
    PETREQUIN 45 Jean Peterquein PATERQUIN Zouberbuhler Div
    PFAFFHAUSER Jacob Phaffhonzer PHAFFHOUZER Steinfort Div
    PFEIFFER Phiffer (Soldier) . Zouberbuhler Div
    PIELER 26 Adam Piler . Zouberbuhler Div
    PITRE* Jacque Jean Pitre . Zouberbuhler Div
    PUBLICOVER Peter Bupignofer . Rudolf Div

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